Volume #91 2011-12 Colophon*

*COLOPHON- A brief description of publication or production notes relevant to the edition, in modern books usually located at the reverse of the title page, but can also sometimes be located at the end of the book (or on facebook).


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Special thank yous to students, parents, staff members, professional photographers and newspapers for sharing their pictures with us. Especially, Julie Wood, Karen Hoffmann, Chelle Butrick, Todd Danner, Matt Gengler, and Diane Walker. Thanks too to Deb Hannigan, Jayne Klein, Mary Koenig, students in Digital Imaging class and Digital Photography class and everyone who shared their pictures online (like here on facebook).

Student Editors

Editor-in-Chief, Christian "Zinger" Leisinger
Managing Editor, Ashley Thompson
Advertising Director, Robert Willis

And as usual...

Much thanks to Colleen Arneson and Judy Huffaker at Jostens.