YEARBOOK.jpgBulldog Memories for Over 90 Years

Students should be working, self-motivated, and responsible with immense school pride and interest in the well being of this school and the community. This will be a professionally run publication staff. The ‘Archive’ staff will make decisions about coverage and content, sell and distribute books, sell advertising, maintain finances, and gain experience and skills applicable in college and the work-force. The ‘Archive’ chronicles the academic school year of Boyer Valley Community Schools. Students need to be willing to contribute time outside of class for meetings and to ensure that all deadlines are met.
Our textbook is 123 Student Yearbook Guide, by Gary Lundgren, Linda Kennedy, & John Drake. @ 2004 Jostens Inc.

We produce the Archive on "YearbookAvenue," Jostens' online application for design and publishing preparation.


Grades in Yearbook class come from three areas; sales, study and production. It is important that staff members keep all three in balance. It is a class; there are notes, quizzes and projects. It is a publication; there are pictures, pages, headlines, captions, and deadlines that all have to be taken care of. And it is a business; it costs thousands of dollars to produce a yearbook so we need to sell books and secure sponsors. That doesn't have to be difficult or intimidating, but it does need to get done. Archive staff members need to be prepared to be responsible for all three areas.

Yearbook Advisor, Ted Mallory has an extensive background in publications going back to when he was editor of the student newspaper at Shadow Mountain HS in Phoenix, AZ. He has been a yearbook or newspaper advisor for the past 17 years. For the last 10 years he has worked during summers and freelance during the school year for the Mapleton PRESS, part of the Enterprise Publishing group.
Mr. Mallory is licensed in Iowa to teach K-12 Art, 7-12 American and World History, and 7-12 Psychology and certified to teach Web Design for college credit. He's taught Newspaper and Yearbook and coaches cheerleading. He has a Lutheran Teacher's Diploma, so he could teach Religion or Theology in a parochial school.

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